We couldn’t be more excited to announce that we have been recognized by HousingWire as one of the 100 top innovators in all of real estate. The respected industry publication tabbed us to its annual TECH100 list.

“This year’s list of TECH100 Real Estate honorees represent a huge shift in the direction that the real estate industry is heading,” HousingWire wrote in the award’s introduction. “With endless new offerings in the world of fintech and proptech, these organizations have found solutions to every pain point that currently exists in the real estate process.”

The pitch according to PropertySync is simple – Bring the power of your title plant data to the cloud with PropertySync. Create countless opportunities for resale, third party use, integrations, and AI tools. Leverage your data and not just use it.

“From rolling out the platform in pilot markets in 2019 and our nationwide launch in early 2020, this year’s recognition by HousingWire coupled with the success our clients are having affirms the vision and direction of PropertySync,” said David Floyd, the company’s CEO.

“During the disruption to traditional work models over the last two years, the cloud based PropertySync title plant platform has allowed our clients to seamlessly migrate to remote based work models,” Floyd said. “Our customers also achieve meaningful efficiency gains over traditional title plant solutions.”

HousingWire lauded PropertySync for “transforming the way title companies interact with their land record data and search process,” and continued that our company is “designed to be a foundation that real estate data and processes can be built upon.”

Evaluators also cited the company’s 40 percent annual growth in less than two years, and 70 percent contracted revenue growth this calendar year as solidifying factors.

This year’s edition of the TECH100 list included companies of all sizes, as well as multiple operations offering solutions in the title space. For a full list of winners, click here. Want to learn more about PropertySync? Sign up for a free demo of the platform by clicking here.