As title companies across the country continue to pivot toward a less centralized process, there is still one important aspect that usually gets left behind: the title plant. That’s why the leaders of PropertySyncwant to again showcase their product as a solution to modernize one of the most essential but often antiquated tools a successful title company needs.

The PropertySync platform is the evolution of industry veterans who saw a need for how land records were stored and searched. Built from the ground up in the cloudPropertySync is a SaaS platform that bills itself as “the online title plant experience you always wished existed.” It blends specific industry experience with the modern cloud-based technology that people have come to expect of software.

It was at the start of 2020 that PropertySync rolled out nationwide to companies looking for better data management and searching capabilities. Now PropertySync is taking more steps to modernize title plants and how companies approach data.

“A title plant is not a sexy part of our business,” said company CEO David Floyd. “But it’s a key, necessary piece you need to get your work done and is always an afterthought. PropertySync is an elegant solution available to companies of any size, to use worry-free when it comes to security and efficiency.”

It’s not just PropertySync’s team members who sing the praises of this product, though. Last year, Smith Brothers Abstract, a multi-office operation in Oklahoma, chose the platform to convert its data and information as the company worked to create more consistency across its organization.

Luke Strawn, the company’s CEO, was drawn to what joining the cloud could mean for his company but said that the experience has been even better than he had hoped for so far.

“Now, I can focus more on title and closing. I knew PropertySync would take a heavy load off of our IT team, but the transition was even better than I expected,” he said. “The user interface is simple and easy to understand.  The ease of training and simple design process of the software allows us to onboard title examination help and train much more easily. All of the other title plant systems that we looked at were dated and were hard to navigate through.”

Plus, with some staff working remotely, partnering with PropertySync has allowed Strawn’s team to have greater access to the company’s title data – a potential selling point for companies with multiple offices or employees working off-site on a regular basis. The genesis behind the creation of PropertySync was to remove old-school limitations when it comes to accessing title data, which is being achieved, according to company officials.

“The PropertySync platform was developed specifically for title people who have done both managing and posting. It’s built how you would intuitively expect a software to work and has the capability to scale with your business. Simply put, it’s designed to make your life easier,” Floyd said.

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